Zauni Tanil is a literary figure whose books, essays, and poetry speak to the modern savant woman who craves culture and intellect as passionately as glamour and sensuality. 

Based in the alluring city of Las Vegas, Tanil often draws from the sensual energy of Sin City to inspire her writing which features themes of passion, intimacy, and sensuality.

In her work as an editor, Tanil creates multimedia content for print and digital publications while consulting with brands to assist in producing novel media content that is highbrow, culturally inclusive and appealing to selective and savvy audiences. Her writing blends authentic storytelling with gratifying detail to create informative narratives told through a relatable, conversational tone. (Learn More).

In 2018 Tanil published her first book Flowers From Smoke, an intimate collection of poetry, prose, and short stories centered on passion, relationships, and self-discovery. Her journal Notes From Zauni features photography and creative essays on cultural relevancies. Tanil is currently working on her second book.

Currently seeking literary representation.



Email: zauni@zaunitanil.com

Portfolio: download pdf

All Socials: @zaunitanil