Zauni Tanil is a novelist and journalist with an editorial background in entertainment and human interest.


“History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.” - Winston Chuchill



Tanil began her career as an entertainment editor in Las Vegas writing style and entertainment stories for Vegas Seven magazine alongside other digital and print publications. During her time there she interviewed notable local and celebrity talent, detailed Vegas’s exemplary nightlife scene, and profiled a series of designer launches and fashion stories.

In 2016 Tanil launched Unxommon Vegas, a digital publication aimed at millennials detailing the culture and entertainment across Las Vegas. Unxommon is currently being remodeled for a new launch in early 2019.

After two years freelancing in media Tanil stepped away to concentrate on her literary work. Drawing from her studies in humanities and social sciences her writing centers on human connection with a distinct focus on relationships, intimacy, and sensuality. In 2018 Tanil published her first book Flowers From Smoke, an intimate collection of poetry, prose, and short stories.

Outside of her poetry and published works she still enjoys writing human interest profiles for digital and print publications.

Tanil is currently working in media in Las Vegas.