July Letter


And just like that, the first six months of 2017 have come and gone.
just like that, the second half of the year begins. 

They say Cancer season is a time of reflection, especially for Geminis who are supposed to have just come off an exhilarating past few weeks. I guess if there's a right time to reflect on the first half of 2017 it's now. Glancing back, it's almost funny how my first few days of the year ended up being reflective of the months that followed - as in, nothing went how I planned, but ultimately everything worked out. 

Career wise, the first six months were about trying to find the right fit. I was attempting to say yes to everything, trying to find the assignments I believed not only fit me best, but made me happy as well. Somewhere around March/April things went a little left, and I had to make some changes. But ultimately every led me to where I am now - which is happy with how my career is building, proud of my writing, and confident on what's to come. 

Emotionally, the first half of 2017 was about working on myself; building the foundation for everything that's to come next. It's been a hell of a process - I've found strength I hadn't known I possessed, reclaimed power from my demons, and discovered new things I love about myself. But I won't act like it's been a breeze. The thing about fighting your demons is that it truly is a war, and demons are demons for a reason. It's not always pretty. But these past six months have been necessary. I needed time to clarify what I wanted, who I was, and what I needed.

"Simply put, the first half of the year was about preparation;
about testing me and setting me up mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually,
and about giving me the time and space to clarify everything I want. The second half of the year will be all about receiving it." 

Starting a new job

I needed this push. I'd been hesitant to switch jobs and jump into something new, but it was time. New chapters, man. New chapters.

Increasing my byline

I've been out of college a little over a year, and I'm proud of the things I've been able to include in my portfolio. I'm not an overly sentimental person when it comes to milestones, but I'll never forget the feeling of seeing my name in print. I'll never forget how it felt to see my story on the cover of a magazine. And while I don't want journalism to be my sole medium of writing, I do want to continue it and work on improving. I wrote down a list of publications and websites I want to contribute to and I'm proud to say I'm making progress. First off was a piece in Thought Catalogue, next . . . stay tuned!

Completing My First Book

Right at the end of June, I finished the final pages of my first book. A whirlwind of emotions. For a little over ten months this book has been my baby - hell, honestly it still is. It's been my safety through a few rough patches, and my therapy in dealing with a few omnipresent demons. There's still the process of editing, illustration and publishing, but finishing the copy was something of a bereavement. I'll miss it, but I'm also very grateful it's done. 

A Few Good Moments in June:

The crazy thing is, I ended up spending June investing more in myself than I thought I would. I hope to continue that in July. 

Additionally, I'm learning to stop being so scared to ask what I need of people - emotionally, career wise, physically, etc. Asking for what you need forces you to have clarity on what you need. It also helps in learning to ask people for what you don't need. As in, "I don't need this drama in my life. I don't need the inconsistency you're providing." But I'm big on attraction as well, and I've come to understand the universe doesn't decipher between what you want, and what you don't want. As in, it's more powerful and affirming to focus on what you do want, instead of constantly saying what you don't want. Know what you don't want, but don't focus on it, focus on the positive affirmation that will bring you what you do want. 

I am at a place where I want love, companionship, partnership in my life. I'm also at a place where I'm focusing on financial abundance, and actualizing dreams. These past few months I've shed a lot of fears, I contribute that 100% to an increase in actively practicing my faith and consistently practicing gratitude. 

All in all, I'm in a good place. I'm loved, surrounded by abundance, and filled with gratitude. I understand and am in love with who I am, and I have a strong control and belief in my power. I've got good vibes. July is going to be wonderfully life changing. Claiming it now.