Zauni Tanil is an American author, poet, and editor. Her work focuses on the study of social connections, specifically the portrayal of sensuality, intimacy, and sexuality in modern relationships.

She refers to her writing as a balance of brutal truths and sensual imagery written for the modern lover who craves culture and intellect as passionately as seduction and mystique. When she isn’t writing, Zauni works in media where she creates editorial content for entertainment and fashion publications.

Photography: Ted Wimbush

Photography: Ted Wimbush




I come from a family of passionate women. I was raised by warriors in Chanel; daring and quick witted women who gracefully figured out how to get what they wanted in life. They were strong, smart, masters of skill capable of navigating the world solely on their intellect, and yet they often led with their heart. I would watch them in amazement. It was fascinating to see the way they loved, the way they built empires, crafted legacies, and consistently brought men to their knees all while maintaining a home, raising a family, and effortlessly curating a luxurious wardrobe.

“As I got older I became my own warrior, albeit more a maverick in La Perla than a warrior in Chanel, but still formed from the same grit.”

While I’d always been enamored with the careers of powerful women, I became more intrigued by the way they loved. The intoxicating influence these women wielded over men and within their intimate relationships became a central theme in my collegiate studies.

I studied social relationships in college, and after graduating with a degree in sociology in 2016 I moved to Las Vegas where I begun a career in writing. There I began writing for Vegas Seven Magazine and delved head first into a world of allure and excitement in America’s most sensual (or sinful?) city. It was a time of dazzling infatuation. I often say Vegas was my first heartbreak. It’s the place I fell in love, got my heart broken, became a woman – all themes that have found their way in my writing.

When I wasn’t writing I spent my time working in luxury fashion boutiques (including my beloved La Perla). When I was 24 I spent a wondrous year working alongside Sarah Jessica Parker at her SJP boutique in Las Vegas - an experience I shall covet, forever.

I will never forget standing with SJP discussing a love of Italian leather boots, ten hours before I had a deadline for an article on Tiffany & Co.’s latest collection. It was a surreal Sex in the City moment.

Despite the crazy Las Vegas hours, I enjoyed working in luxury. In those boutiques I’d have endless conversations with beautiful, diverse women about love, lust, and sensuality. We’d spend long afternoons chatting about our desires and our love affairs, and then I’d send them home with beautifully wrapped bags of luxury lingerie or Italian leather shoes, their confidence lifted and their wardrobe restored. I loved it.

Much like the women in my family, these women became my muses. I wanted to write literature that spoke to them; to tell stories in which they felt understood, but also inspired and motivated to explore their own sensuality and to revel in the power of their own love and divine energy. It became my mission to live a life of passion. I wanted to seduce the world into living more intimately, and to create literature that would celebrate and encourage passion. So I left the boutiques, booked a ticket to Jamaica (I needed to clear my head) and wrote.

My first book, flowers from smoke, was published May 2018. After an encouraging debut, flowers from smoke was revised and rereleased September 2019. As I work on my second book, I am presently traveling and having lovely conversations with stunning individuals on love, intimacy, and sensuality for a future project. Oh, and the occasional style contribution to Modern Luxury! (Come on, I couldn’t give up Barney’s! Two words: ELIE SAAB).

“I hope to keep seducing the world with intimate and inspiring literature. It has always been my desire to encourage people to live their most passionate lives, because where there is passion there is freedom, and between the two there’s love.” - z